Never Give Up!

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All is serene; all is still,
No one around to feel the grin.
Slug at first, but swift at last;
Stay in tune, to the sound of the heart.
A silent applause, for no one in regard,
A feeling of approval for those who are seal;
Yet no one around, with absolute no sound;
But a smile suddenly slink while the whole world sleeps,
My heart always goes with the eye ever spots
Never give up with that passion you hold….!


My friend!

ImageAt times I say I love you
At times I agree I treat you bad
I say the stuff which I don’t mean
But I don’t mean to make you sad

Each day I scuffle
As a mad gale
This bond is a bequest
So loved and so rare

They say I will recover
All I need is time
For now I am losing friends
Which is not a fine sign

Oh I hope I can get well again
And stop those voices in my head
That make me mad and scared
Forcing me to say stuff I should have never said

Your love for me is priceless
So valued and rare
You love me no matter what 
And never made me feel bad

My fault is being sick
My mistakes are everywhere
I promised I would be your friend
All the way to the bitter end

I pray that you forgive me
And speak those words that I want to listen
And let me not lose the gift 
That is so scarce and rare.