Book Review by Nehali Lalwani – SECRETS OF SOUL – Rigi Publications

Secrets of Soul is a book with collection of Short stories by Rigi Publications. It consists of 12 stories across multiple genres like Thriller, Humor, Romance, Emotion, etc..

The very first thing that I like about this book is it’s written in a simple and understandable language. It’s easy to read and it suits the taste of almost everyone as it is multiple genre. Anyone from a child to adult can read this irrespective of the age.

The book starts with a story called Barkha by Anshuma Sharma – This is a tale which depicts the feelings of parents’ grief and mental trauma when their child passes away. The initial part of the story was raw. Which can be a turn off for readers and  That could have been better by just bit of editing. But, I enjoyed going through this particular short story as the story line was touching.

A Significant Turn by Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi is one of my favorites. It’s all about the satisfaction and contentment of a father looking at his child’s happiness. Where author speaks about the pure feelings of a father towards his son. The dilemma of focusing on the future or to live and share some priceless moments at present with your loved ones is being portrayed wonderfully.

I Turned Twenty Five by Khushboo Gulrajani This one is a sad story of a girl who misses her old romantic days. A sweet and simple story.” The story is very common as most of us gone through or have seen our friends going through it, but the essence is the way how the author has narrated the story. The language used by the author is appealing.

Three Weeks by Shreyan Laha is a good story! A cute love story! It gave me a mixed feeling. At times, a bit stretched, but overall, a good coffee-time read.

 Chosen by Pooja Purohit is a story of the simple moral of  life’s happiness, choices, twists and turns of life. Hats off to the writer for writing such a beautiful story. Very well written.

I promise you by Akash Shrivastava A beautiful love story which will make you fall in love with the characters of the story and their pure feelings are being very well portrayed by the author in this story. I Loved each and every line and it’s written in a simple and effective  manner. There were editing errors which can be neglected though.

Truly, Madly, Yours Rohan Kachalia  is a cute and sweet love story with a perfect ending. This story has left footsteps on my heart as  I personally admire positive endings. A nice and enjoyable read. Loved the title!

A handful of strength by Ashwati Menon I would like to tag this story as the best story of the book. Kudos to the writer. I am in love with this story. I could feel the images in my mind while reading this one.  The story is not that ordinary as it looks like, and a few good lines which will surely force you to smile and say WOW. A concept which will undeniably keep you glued till the end.

I Married my first love by Rohit Bhatia Umm… This story was a turn off after reading the above stories. Author lacked the maturity in the description. I felt like, I was reading a personal diary of any girl.

The Empty Chair by Shrruti Patole Clarence 
I will not describe or comment much about the story because I want people to read and feel it because “it is simple to describe but much more important to feel”. BEAUTIFUL STORY!!!
Keep Writing 🙂

A Man on Platform by Sandeep Sharma  the way author touches the human emotions, the portrayal of emotion is superb and I can see an excellent writer in him. The only thing that disappointed me is the title. I didn’t like the title, I know sometimes it is hard to find a good title, but title plays an important role when it is a short story.

Maybe by Rahul Ramesh This was the story wrote it in a simple way, but the story lacks the spark at few places, sometimes the story looks predictable and all of sudden it becomes unpredictable that is the positive remark for the author.


There are many more stories in the book that make it a good read. I guess the book needs some editing before getting it published in the next edition (If Any). Overall, the book is a fast read that often leaves you pondering. Perfect for any travel!

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5


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