Book Review – The Hidden Letters – Purba Chakraborty!

Here is my take on The Hidden Letters by Purba Chakraborty!

Hidden letters, is a story of a woman who plays 3 different role at a same time. Being a mother, a wife, and a daughter how she struggles and survives in the dilemma of life.

This book has 3 main characters, Anaya Chatterjee, Dr. Nishith Chatterjee and Olivia Chatterjee. This book is definitely not a common romantic fiction (as I expected it to be). This book has got a kind of a story you cant afford to miss!

Firstly, I would like to congratulate author for writing such a brilliant piece of art. Which is no less than a roller coaster ride for any girl despite of her age. As a girl, I was able to connect myself with Anaya at many points and incidents in the book.

This story is having all the essential ingredients a reader can expect from a book – a tale of friendship, Love triangle, One sided life, Sorrow, Sacrifices, and many such crucial situations of life where you need to deal because you can’t afford to give up.

The characters for the story are wisely taken. Author deserves a compliment for coming up with some fresh plot. Hidden Letters had indeed more to serve than some mere romance. The writing style and the storyline will definitely keep you engrossed till the end. As author has done a great job by adding up crispiness and suspense in each chapter wherever needed. The poems written in the book were truly like a cheery on the cake. The description done the author is also appreciable.

The only negative point I found in the book is the end. It was bit faster then I expected. May be because I was engrossed in the story and I wanted to know each minute detail about all the characters at the end.

All in all I would like to give 4/5 for the wonderful book. Keep writing Purba! May you come up with many such brilliant pieces of art in near future.


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