Book Review – Crossroads – It’s About Time – By Preeti Singh

A writer is someone who can scribble the nastiest and robust situations in the simplest way.

Yes, Preeti Singh has done the brilliant job in inscribing the serious topics like Domestic violence, consequences in a Life for single women in Indian Society and many such concerned topics which are been discussed and described in the beautiful manner in her novel Crossroads.

 The story revolves around the protagonist Kavita Singh!

To be honest any reader can easily connect with this story as it has all the major sentiments implicated in it. It has different flavors of life like love, Marriage, Longing, Sacrifice, friendship, Crush, Death, violence, dilemma of choosing one between two and many such emotions which you and I undergo by more or less daily in our life.

All the 17 characters are been mentioned and portrayed in the best possible manner. My personal favorite characters are Hitakshi, Prateek Singh, Abhinash, Mihir, Amber and Twitter. Actually I loved their part in the book as a reader. As I felt they added the required charisma in the story line.

If I talk about my few favorite scenes of the book I liked the way Kavita talks with her sister in Law over call, the way Kavita fling her documents in the air and go for the auto Rikshaw ride, the love making scene of Kavita and Abhinash and the last scene where Kavita walks away from both the men of her life is certainly the best part of the book.

Talking about the cover of Book – I loved it! The color amalgamation and the font used at the book cover are just perfect and it suits well to the theme of the book.

Next, I would like to compliment Author here for her style of narration. Yes! I am a BIG well no I’m a gigantic fan of your writing after reading CROSSROADS! To be precise here, the way she has managed a proper balance in writing the past and present scenes is definitely commendable. I smiled and was excited to read further When Rajiv loved his wife Kavita, When Prateek Singh tried to impress his strict wife Shubhi with Shayris, when the innocent component of Salli and Hitakshi was revealed in their talks in between the chapters. Yes I hated Rajeev and his Sister for treating Kavita like a trash.

The best part of the book is climax, Trust me I as a reader wished and hoped for this end where she chooses to live and lead her life alone without being without any men in her life. Each Girl is capable of living like a queen she doesn’t need any men to make her feel like one.

This book is recommended to Teenagers, all those who have ever been in love and lastly to the all the women who have loved lived and sacrificed their each ounce of happiness for their families but asked for nothing in return except bit of love and respect.

I would like to give 5 on 5 for Crossroads – It’s about time – By Preeti Singh.

P.S. Thank you for sending me your book with personalised message and autograph.


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