Book Review by Nehali Lalwani – Chronicles of Urban Nomads

Chronicles of Urban Nomads is a book with collection of Short stories by Readomania. It consists of 19 stories across multiple genres like Thriller, Humor, Romance, Emotion, etc…

The primary mark this book makes in readers heart is by its writing style. All the stories in this book are written in a simple and explicable language. It’s easy to read and it suits the taste of almost everyone as it is multiple genres.

Section I: Imagine

Confession of a Benarasi Sari – Ayan Pal

This is one of my favorite stories in the anthology, for the reason that it explores a different kind of plot altogether. The plot of the story is very simple, and the ending is impulsive even after the crucial incident happens in character’s life, but the exploration of that dilemma and bringing out as a sari was something the author did nicely, which made the simplicity appealing, and that I loved to read.

The Blue Slippers – Krithi Jayakumar

Shortest of all, but strongest as well. A beautiful story with unusual imagination and a message that registers with ease and liveliest manner. This story is one which I think is closest to reality. I even put my bookmark here!

The Wait – Ashay Abbhi

Ashay Abbhi absolutely nailed his plot with a nice flair in writing. I liked his choice of words, his language and the story’s climax.

My Soul mate – Janneker Lawrence

What make this story stand out of the pack is the narration and the ending. Quite a unique thought to narrate from the perspective and it works. Simple story and the events are easily guessed.

The Masterpiece – Rounak Nayak

The most mature story in this lot. The perfect kind of a story to take up this anthology to some different level. A job well done! Kudos, to the author for coming up with such a MASTERPIECE. *Wink*

 A Vicious Battle – Aravind Sampath

This is a very interesting and engaging story with its own shades of history and life beautifully weaved in to it. This is easily one of the better stories you will find in the book if not the best one. The only problem I have had with the story is that it finished way too fast, if only it did last a bit longer.

An Engagement Ring – Purnima Verma

Here the story teller is an engagement ring. This story is simple and has been written wonderfully. Emotionally weaved, this story is undoubtedly a nice read.

A Little Nugget of Fear – Deepti Menon

I didn’t know the event till I read it in this. The story appeals to me, and stays in my memory because of the starting few paragraphs. They not only set the tone, but also make me think. The narration kept me hooked till the end. One of my favorites from the anthology.

EFIL – Bhaswar Mukherjee

The opening was as they say whimsical and that perfectly set the tone for the story. It was executed flawlessly, except the ending was a little towards the predictable end of the spectrum. However, it still is a great tale to read.

Section II: Musing

The Last Letter – Dipankar Mukherjee

What make this story stand out of the pack is the narration and the ending. Quite a unique thought to narrate from the perspective and it works. Simple story and the events are easily guessed. It is very thought provoking. I could feel the pain while reading.

The Face on the Canvas – Pradeep Moitra

What I liked in the story was the pace and the detailing. I could imagine the story reading it out loud, and I could finish it quickly.

Arranged Marriage – Japneet Boyal

What I liked in the story was the plotting, which seems believable and in India, I can imagine it happening as well. The story held my attention and I didn’t stop reading till I finished.

Overall, it was another story I found really enjoyable.

Bachelor and Baby – Jagdish Nadanalli

I liked the characters in the story, and the language just brings that story out. I think the plot warranted for a very detailed sort of opening, which makes you get lost in the narration and bring out the effect. It had that. It had that conflicting opening that makes you wonder what happened and why the character is in that place. Brilliant!

Hopes and Promises – Rahul Biswas

This story is all about second chance, this tale talks beautifully about keeping the hope alive while life drives you through different ups and downs. A nice read!

A Shackled Destiny – Sharavya Gunipudi

The feeling of a mother who has lost her child has been depicted brilliantly. With faultless detailing the author has competently described the fondness a mother hold for her son. The Author has beautifully narrated the story. I am stunned and had wet eyes after reading this story. Very well drafted!

Rendezvous – Shloka Shankar

The genre doesn’t appeal to me in person, so it wasn’t one of my favorites. But I enjoyed reading it. I think it would appeal to a lot of readers.

Hide and Seek – Niranjan Navalgund

The narrating style supports the storyline perfectly and keeps the story natural. Hide and seek is surely a beautifully described tale. The end was unexpected which really touched me. Overall, each and every episode was adequately portrayed.

Mandira – Anupama Jain

The readers are made to think about extra-ordinary things without a strong justification. Her credentials are quite interesting and throughout the plot, she made sure that the reader is on the right track.

Finding Mia – Roopa Raveendran Menon

This was indeed an exceptionally enjoyable story, nothing very disparaging, I think the ending was the right way to end not only the story, but also the book.


Firstly, my congratulations to the cover designer Book Bakers Team. I think this book has one of the sober covers I have recently seen. Coming to the content, in an anthology, the stories are blended together in some way, yet be different too.

Each story has an inimitable theme despite it being read about in the past; the beauty of these writings lies in their essence of quality storytelling, eloquence, quirkiness, and depth.

All the stories in the anthology are well written, most are appealing from beginning to end. The initiative behind the anthology is unique and I should congratulate the effort. It leaves a mark on your wits and sinks in at a snail’s pace, even if you read this as absolutely fictional. Certainly, more than a one-time read kind of stories.

Try it out. You might like it.

Title: Chronicles of Urban Nomads

Publisher: Readomania

My Rating: 5/5


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