Book Review – Four Corners of the Circle.

  • Title of the book – Four corners of the Circle by Mohit Jain and Amita Sood
  • ISBN-13:9781482816075
  • Publisher:Partridge India
  • Publication date:12/24/2013

About the Author:

Mr. Mohit Jain is an eminent personality who has been influencing students at various levels through his teachings, mentoring, training and consultation for more than 16 years. He has a rich experience in the field of Quantitative Aptitude, Economics, Finance and Marketing Research. He is a visiting faculty member of various management institutes in Kolkata, Guwahati, Pune, Nasik, and Bangalore.

He believes that explaining every technical, logical or mathematical concept in the form of short, crisp and interesting stories could bring a positive revolution in the education system. The reason being, we all find story books easy to read and interesting as compared to theoretical books containing jargons and complicated formulas. Again, accomplishing this kind of teaching methodology is a challenge and would require a great deal of thought and effort from our end.

He has summed up his knowledge and experiences to discover innovative ways of teaching. Through his books, he is taking another step in impacting people of all diversities and bringing a positive change in their approach towards educational system. So let us all join hands in creating education.

My View on The Four Corners of the  circle:

I’m thankful to the Author for providing me this wonderful book. Trust me, I was confused whether to pick up this book or not. I have never read this kind of book before but, as soon as I started reading it I enjoyed it thoroughly and went on flipping pages. The language is easy going , the narration style is also appreciable. The details were apparent and practically justifiable.

This book can be referred to all the MBA Aspirants, this book can surely provide them with much needed self confidence and can be helpful in clearing various doubts regarding the decisions to be taken while selecting their courses.

Another appealing element of originality to the already well-covered subject. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect and, in addition to numerous real life practical examples, the wondrous diagrams inside the book were much needed, availing every student to understand the facts even preponderant. I would, personally, recommend the book to all students who are cerebrating for a more preponderant vocation move.

On the whole, however, the advice Author offers are balanced and reasonable, and it will bring both clarity and effectiveness to the MBA Aspirants of those who follow it. An engaging and impassioned, if occasionally idiosyncratic, handbook for students looking to achieve success and clarity that are accurate and neat.

I would like to give 4.5 out of 5 to for the magnificent efforts author have given in to explain the real scenario of education, dilemma many of us might have faced or we are facing at this very moment while choosing the right career path for us.


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