Book Review of JUICE – Mohit Jain BY – Nehali Lalwani

J.U.I.C.E. Stands for – ‘Join us in creating education’

About the Author:

Mr. Mohit Jain is an eminent personality who has been influencing students at various levels through his teachings, mentoring, training and consultation for more than 16 years. He has a rich experience in the field of Quantitative Aptitude, Economics, Finance and Marketing Research. He is a visiting faculty member of various management institutes in Kolkata, Guwahati, Pune, Nasik, and Bangalore.

He believes that explaining every technical, logical or mathematical concept in the form of short, crisp and interesting stories could bring a positive revolution in the education system. The reason being, we all find story books easy to read and interesting as compared to theoretical books containing jargons and complicated formulas. Again, accomplishing this kind of teaching methodology is a challenge and would require a great deal of thought and effort from our end.

He has summed up his knowledge and experiences to discover innovative ways of teaching. Through his books, he is taking another step in impacting people of all diversities and bringing a positive change in their approach towards educational system. So let us all join hands in creating education.

Blurb of the book says,

‘We like story books.On the other hand, majority of the students do not feel like reading academic books because they find them difficult to understand.J.U.I.C.E contains different stories explaining the concepts of Economics and Management.Readers would not feel that they are reading something relevant to their academics bit still by the end of it, they would attain a lot of knowledge regarding these subjects.Our motto is to make people view these subjects from a different perspective and expand the horizon of their thinking.’

First about the cover of the book, it is an exceptional piece of art. Simply captivating. People say, “A book should never be judged by the cover” but when the cover is just so enthralling, you end up picking the book, don’t you? Same is the case with this piece by Mohit Jain.

I love reading, undoubtedly, yet as of late, I basically get love stories, be that as it may, this was an exemption! I got an opportunity to peruse and review this energizing administration related guide and couldn’t prevent myself from snatching it and well, I didn’t grieve over the decision I made by offering inclination to this book.

Talking about the book, The book concentrates on clarifying intense and confused standards in the administration and matters in profit making through straightforward stories that can be effortlessly comprehended. The complex theories of a rural Marketing Mix, Traits of a Salesman and In Search of Brand Identity are different sections where he centered the center ideas of administration in his own easy to understand with the help of author’s  not so common and understandable approach. He clarified his musings amazingly giving noteworthy cases. I never realized that Economics and Management could be this much fascinating.

Positive Points:

The dialect utilized by the author is calculable. It will keep you stuck and you will be fascinating in understanding it further.

The illustrations given in the book where the writer imparts his own particular encounters are without a doubt superb. On account of those live samples the book gets intriguing.

The outlines and images in the middle won’t let you get exhausted for sure.

Negative Points:

There were a couple of spelling &  grammatical errors in the book. Furthermore that was the only flaw I could discover in the book.


I believe, The management students who usually mug up things only on the grounds that they couldn’t comprehend the subject properly, this book is definitely a boon for you. You will get various cases to relate and better comprehend the subject.

If anyone asks me about this book, I would highly recommend it. Hence, I prefer to give this book a 4 on 5 rating, and also congratulate author yet again, for adding a totally erratic, yet a readable piece in the market where bookshops are flooding with nothing but not so unique Chiclets.

P.S. – Thank you for providing me review copy. Keep Writing & keep sharing more of your knowledge and experiences with us. 


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