Book Review – In love… Till my last Breath – Om Shukla

Book: In love… till my last breath

Author: Om Shukla

ISBN: 9789382536345

Publisher: Lifi Publications

About the Author:

Born in a small town of Allahabad and brought up in Faridabad, Om Shukla has been involved in creative expression of his thoughts and feelings. He loves to pen down his feelings in the form of poems, in both English and Hindi. But his life brought him to a situation where he decided to pen down his life in the form of this debut novel.

The blurb says, True love comes into our lives, only once. Sometimes, it vanishes all too soon, but sometimes it stays till our last breath. Love is a journey… of joy, happiness and at times painful. Some journeys of love do not reach their ultimate destination of togetherness. This is the story of Prachi and Sameer who love each other truly, and promise to stay together till death parts them…. But, will their true love reach its ultimate destination? Let’s all find out, on this amazing journey of love, pain, togetherness and solitude.

Cover design:

The cover design was a good one. Unlike, many disappointing designs, these days. It is subtle and darkly colored, enough to attract quite some interest.

Characters of the book:

Sameer Shukla, Prachi, Paakhi, Parul, Rohit, Anubhav, Yatin.

About the story:

A simple yet appealing story bounded about long distance relationship.

It is a story that has been spun in a beautiful web which makes you stick throughout the story. With each of the chapters describing about different characters in detail and the way life has turned (Sameer and Prachi) them, it is certainly an interesting tale.

There are so many beautiful moments in the book which will make you blush and you will at times manage to smile from ear to ear.

The last few chapters turn out to be emotional in nature and It is the latter part of the story kept me intrigued. I kept on reading the first quarter on the mere urge to complete this book, but I was really hooked up with the latter half of the book. The last fifty pages or so were real page turners. I’m sure readers will enjoy the surprising journey of Prachi’s and Sameer’s life.

One more thing I liked about this book is, the narration done by the author is even paced. Neither fast nor slow, the book just flows in a smooth manner.


This book is worth reading at least once.

It is a very pleasant read. You can read in a few hours of time. All in all, this book is a very fascinating, evocative, stirring and connecting.

I would recommend this book to you if you are romancing lovers and you love reading Indian contemporary love stories. You will enjoy this book very much.

Happy Reading!!!

I would like to give 3 out of 5 for In love… till my last breath.


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