I’m a foodie and I’m glad to admit it!

I’m a foodie and I’m glad to admit it. Being a pure Gujarati girl, I really don’t mind calling myself a Foodie.

Life has always got some or the other thing to offer you! You need to admit it. It was a normal day for me as when I was returning back from my office. Realizing it was Friday it almost killed me as it was a weekend again and I haven’t made any friends  in my society yet. Just when I was about to unlock my main door, cursing myself for choosing this job and shifting to a new city, someone called me and I turned around to see who it was.

Huge smile appeared on my face as I saw my neighbor Mrs. Guptaji walking towards me. She was carrying blue paper bag in her neatly manicured hands which carried Kellogg’s and some fresh fruits. After a bit of conversation she asked me to join her for breakfast on the very next day. Only I know, how badly I have been missing my mum’s food. Being new to the society I badly needed a company there was no chance of denying their invitation. Before I could reply she shared some of the interesting recipes she could cook from Kellogg’s. And I was stunned to even think of these many dishes that can be made by kelloggs. Being new in the locality has definitely got some pros, I thought and grinned as she left.

I was damn excited to visit her and meet a new family. They surely looked like a happy family. Truly, all I could do was dream all night about all the mouth watering recipes that were especially made by Kellogg’s which is no doubt a great combination of taste and health.

On the very next day as I went to their place they greeted me lovingly.  They made me sit and we gossiped for a while. They asked me about me, my family, my job, etc. Guptaji’s son looked adorably cute *WINK* and I was happy to finally have a friend in him.

Soon then after, everyone shifted to the dinning  table. I woke up and went in to help Mrs. Gupta in the kitchen,  she had made cheesed potato crisps, kellogg corn flake cookies and cherry winks. I loved those dishes by its appearance. I loved the way  Guptaji’s family treated me. I was taken care of like a child. Yes, I missed my family at that moment. My mom’s yummy food that aura of my home and list is quite big to mention it here.  I loved all the dishes that were served to me. We all had our breakfast together.

While returning back, I asked her for a favour, I told her to let me know how she made those cookies. She made me write the whole recipe and I returned back home with my tummy and heart filled with yummy food and love. Honestly, I am blessed to have such a lovely family as my neighbor specifically when I live all alone miles away from my family.

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Life’s Precious Lesson!

It is a kind of ritual that I have been following since 5 years of visiting an orphanage every Sunday.

Being an only child of my parents I never knew what does it mean to share things. How does it feel to have a sibling? I had never experienced that contentment before that we get by sharing, knowing the fact that you’re the reason behind someone’s smile or you have been the reason by they believe in angels and miracles.

It was my Birthday before 2 years in 2013 when I turned 15. I was in high spirits to celebrate my day like any other teenage girl. Born and brought up in a family where you are treated as no less than a princess, where you have never seen the darker and cruel side of the world, you don’t understand that feeling where you are dependent on others for providing you with your basic requirements.

I was asked to wake up at midnight to cut the cake. The phone rang for more than an hour, my friends and family wished me from all around the globe. I received more than 50 whatsapp messages. Everybody asked me my plan for the day, which I obviously was not aware of.  All I knew was, It’s going to be grand like always.

It was Sunday and my whole day passed by in a blink, My phone and laptop kept me busy like never before. In the evening, I wore my birthday dress applied few strokes of makeup, chose to tug my hair in a ponytail, wore my favorite black stilettos and drove off in our Black Honda City with my parents. I expected my birthday bash to be celebrated in one of the best restaurants of the city. I didn’t even care to ask the venue as I was obliviously sure about my parents’ choice and taste.

I was stunned  and was unable to express my anger when our car stopped in some internal area of the city. It read, “Arpan Vikas Gruh.” I couldn’t believe my eyes and stood there without moving a bit.  Mommy held my hand and we walked in. I saw 10 – 15 kids from distant merely about 10- 12 years came running to us. They smiled, as they saw me coming. I was happy to see that genuine kind of smile on their face. I didn’t know who they were. I had no idea what was I doing there. Their clothes , their appearance was not like mine. They didn’t apply any kind of makeup, they wore slippers unlike me. I was gauche to see kids of my age like that but I chose to keep mum.

Before I could react, I saw a Barbie doll cake that was ordered for me. I saw some 5 waiters  bringing in all the dishes with various cuisines that were ordered for my Birthday celebration. I saw those kids, they were more happy to see all those things that were brought in only for me. My parents held my hand and made me cut my birthday cake as I blew off the candles, those kids clapped for me in high spirits. I had no idea why they were so excited about my Birthday and the celebration.

We had our dinner with them. We played music and I danced with those kids. I enjoyed being in their company. While I was returning back they altogether yelled and wished me by Birthday. One of them came forward and handed me a hand made card. One of the youngest girl from that group came forward and asked me to bend down. As I kept my ears near her lips, she whispered, Thank you for coming and making us believe in angels. Thank you for the cake. Thanks for all the yummy food. Thank you for making us realize that we are not inauspicious. People tend to call us ill-fated as we don’t have parents with us. Tears welled up my eyes and I hugged that little girl. She hugged me back, She asked to smile and wiped off my tears. I looked at my parents and thanked them silently. I then knew the reason why they brought me here. I saw a brand new side of life. I then realized how lucky I was to have all the luxuries of life, I then learnt to celebrate life, I learnt to appreciate each little thing that life has to offer me.

I went back home with a heavy heart. As I stepped inside my room, I realized I was truly happy, I was smiling and I meant it. It was indeed one of my best days of life. I didn’t go to any 5 star hotel. I didn’t receive any costlier gifts to flaunt that day, but I was happy being with those kids who were happy in my happiness. Who celebrated my Birthday with equal enthusiasm as mine. They might not be wearing branded clothes like me, they might not be living a luxurious life like mine, they might not be going to any convent school for learning. But that day, they taught me the biggest lesson I could learn in my life. I learnt to #LookUp at my life positively , I learnt to celebrate my life. I learnt to cherish the moments. I learnt to love my parents even more. Because, blessed are those kids who get such a loving family like mine. I learnt, there are people out there in the world living a happy and satisfied life with less than what all we have in your life. That day before sleeping, I promised myself to visit them often. I smiled as I recalled all that happened to me in a day. I dozed off with a smile on my face then after…

Learn to be happy for what you have today, as tomorrow you might look back and regret about losing stars in search of the moon.”

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Start A New Life

The moment when I was told about this topic to be discussed on the blog. I was keen to share something that had been kept as my secret till date.

If we talk philosophically, we have heard, read and wrote a lot about change and its consequences that come alongwith. I would like to share one experience here that’s really close to my heart.

I always wanted to be a writer. I always wanted people to know me for my work, for my dreams, for my aspirations and for my dreams. I always thought about inspiring people through my words. I always wanted to bring a smile on people’s face through my verses.

I use to dream of becoming a next “Preeti Shenoy” of India. I read almost everything that I could. I use to write quotes whenever any issue touched the chords of my heart. Soon as I grew up, writing became my passion. I shared my dream with my parents and friends. Situations were not so easy for me once I passed in HSC. Initially, my parents supported me and never forced me to do anything without my will. But deep inside they wanted me to study engineering or any other course that had a higher scope in future. Later on, My friends too made fun of me, they laughed at how idiotic my dreams were. At times, I felt like an alien, I felt like an abnormal child that’s always loved and taken care of out of sympathy. I never wanted to live a robotic life, I never wanted to look back at my life with regrets. I wanted to live each moment of my life with my own terms and conditions. All I knew was, I was right.

My parents were dissatisfied with my dream of pursuing my graduation in literature and on the other hand, they were people around me who criticized them for spoiling me as they considered me as a spoiled brat. There was a time when,when I started losing friends as  their parents congested them to roam and play with me. I felt helpless and miserable. I used to wake up every single morning, disgusted and feel, “Oh, Shit. Another day. I can’t do this anymore.”

One day when I was going through some random blogs just then I got to read one article that was about “your will and wishes” I knew it that was meant and written for me. There was a hidden message in it that helped me to gain answers of all my queries. I finally opted for the course which I wanted to do. I went where my heart was. I unheard all those voices that screamed and laughed on my aspirations and thankfully my parents supported me in my decision.

Today, I have not only completed my graduation, but  I have also cleared my post graduation in literature with a Gold Medal under my belt. My parents are not only happy, but they are proud of me and my decision of listening to my heart and accomplishing my dream of becoming a writer. I have written more than 50 poems and 30 short stories,. I still remember those days and smile, when I use to jumble between my aspirations and my parents’ expectations. I’m glad I chose my happiness over anything and everything. At least, I am able to sleep peacefully, smile easily, love and respect my parents a bit more than yesterday and I can live my life serenely.

I still wonder, what would I have done with my life if I had chosen to listen to people rather than my heart?

What I’m trying to tell you is you might not get the outcome instantly, people will oppose you and your dreams and you might not get the kind of support you’re looking for but if you have the courage to follow your belief in yourself, then I hope and expect that you will definitely find a way with love, respect and trust in it. None of us know the future, but yours is now in your hands. #StartANewLife today  Wake up every morning and pretend like what you do makes a difference.  It does.

God Bless us all.

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She’s my hero, my angel and my Mommy!

My parents have always taught me, Spending time with your child is more important than spending money on them. Spending quality time with your child is extremely important for their development and happiness.

As a Lecturer, I come in touch with hundreds of teenagers and they told me that time spent with them doesn’t need to be elaborate or long, but it must be “quality”. We must then find ways to slow down and slip in some memorable time that will let our children know that we love and care for them.

Coming back to the topic, where I am expected to share one of the happy moments which I have shared with anyone who is close to me. Here is my take on it.

There has never been a time that has not been great with my Mom. However, if I had to choose a specific one that made an impact on my life, it would be the last month i.e. February, 2015. I got engaged on 1st February, 2015 and as I stepped into the new phase of my life, I was happy but equally nervous and stressed about it. But, the change that I have personally observed in my mother since last month is unbelievable. Our chemistry has totally changed. An equation with my mom is no longer limited to that of a mother and daughter, it had elevated to that of being friends. She is dealing with me as an equal and encouraged me to look at things in a way that would only be beneficial to me and others around. All along, she is there to guide me and support every decision I make. She in stilled in me the thought that nothing is impossible and keeping faith in God and self is the only way to happiness.

She has been the friend I turn to for advice. She has been the shoulder I cry on. The friend I give vent to. The friend I tell everything to. She is the reason I am as strong as I could be. She helped me stand a little taller. She picked me up, while never, ever putting anybody else down.

At this point, when I’m about to leave my house, my family and friends in a few weeks, I realize, there are not many people out there willing to take you in, flaws and all, and love you with no qualms. There is nothing out there that is going to provide that unconditional, non-judgmental type of love which your family and specifically your mother provides you with.

I’ve come to realize that people are not easily reliable in this world. Friends come and go, no matter how strong the bond may be. Men most certainly don’t love you the way they say they do and no one can actually keep a secret.

While friendships are wonderful and necessary, the only stable and consistent love, you will ever have in this world is from your mother. She is the only one who will always be there in the middle of the night ready to answer your call. She’s the only one who actually cares to hear about every moment of your day.

However, age brought wisdom and wisdom brought appreciation. That appreciation grew into respect, which further blossomed into friendship. As the years passed and those strong friendships I thought would sustain some type of familial archetype began to disintegrate, I realized a pivotal truth in my life: My mother has always been and always will be my best friend.

Lastly, all I know is I love her, she has been my inspiration till date and she will be my idol always, because I know I can count on her to be my biggest fan, my harshest critic, and the most loyal friend and #together we can win this world.

She’s my hero, my angel and my Mommy!

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Book Review – A Phase Unknown – Woman a Tribute

A Phase Unknown – Woman a Tribute

Initiated by Shreyasi Phukon

Edited & Compiled by Sharanya Bhattacharya and Nilesh Gowardhan

Published by – Sanmati Publishers

ON WOMEN’S DAY! By Titiksha Singhal

The poem On Women’s Day is brilliantly written and it certainly sets up the ideal mood for reading a book.

SHE By Raviraj Ramavarapu

It is a short story narrates the tale of a rape victim, I liked reading this story through the eyes of a reviewer. Somehow, I still feel the story could have been better.

My Affair With The Hooker by Mahua Ray

This is an interesting and entertaining story to read. The emotions and opinions were adequately articulated. I would love to read more stories by the author.

WITH LOVE… YOUR MOM By Riitik Babbar

It is certainly one of the best stories of the book.  The USP of the story is writing style. Uniqueness could be seen as narrating a story in a letter form is truly uncommon.  FANTASTIC!

ENDEAVOUR By Ayushi Sharma

This story had the potential that kept me hooked me up till the end. The narration is effortless and the matured selection of words was another point that made me finish the story in one go. The author has brilliantly worked on the story.


A well written poem! Unborn was certainly one of my favorite reads in this book.


The title of the story may sound simple but the content is mesmerizing. It is an absorbing story.  Something different has been initiated through this story! I liked it!


Apt title! Brilliant story line! Superb Narration! Well, the story is undeniably up to the mark. Kudos!

SHE IS WILD By Dr. Sasiprabha PS

It’s an amazing and meaningful story with a striking description! The story of a sweet girl Cheeru, resides in a tribal village, loses her mother groomed by his father in a perfect manner. She gets married and the story takes a U-turn thereafter. The narration of the story is enthralling. This makes a reader turn pages in order to find more.

I can be a devil too – Vinod Pardi.

The narration of the story falls week as it proceeds the end is something that will make you appreciate the writer’s imagination.

BEING WOMAN By Priyanka Choudhury

This story has been written strongly, staging a voice of a female. The story is brilliantly written with a satisfying end.

SHATTERED DREAMS By Nilesh Gowardhan

The formation of the story is very sound. The story targets another vital issue. And it will surely captivate reader’s attention.


This story touched my heart. This story is basically of a rape victim and the Pain and agony is being very well crafted in this story by the author. I would like to appreciate the writing skills of the authoress. A story written with a deep emotional touch.

Wounded Wings, Wailing Women by Devanshu

I liked this poem for its emotional plea. Poet copes up to get the right words to hook up with the hearts of the readers with this work .

What Should I do, I want to live! – Ragini Singh

I didn’t like the way it started. I also felt the story was too fast paced, yet I liked the plot. I feel if the author could work a little more on its narration and the flow, it would be having a much better impact on the readers.

An Indeed Creation – Shweta Kesari

Beautiful Poem! I simply loveeed it… I would read and reread this piece whenever I will feel like cherishing womanhood.

Tribute by Sharanya Bhattacharya

Lastly, Editor of the book has given her own thought for coming up with this project and I honorably loved the core conception behind this book.


I personally  loved most of the stories and it was overall such a lovely book to read and definitely one to be proud of. I am so proud of all those who contributed to the book as such works are rare to find, as it requires guts and immense creativity as well.

My rating – 4 out of 5

Book Review – The Other End of the Corridor by Sujata Rajpal

Title of the book – The Other End of the Corridor

Author – Sujata Rajpal 

Review by – Nehali Lalwani

Blurb of the book: 

When your dreams are tainted with lies and deceit, you have no other choice but to walk to the other end of the corridor.

Leela has nothing extraordinary about her except the dream to become famous. Her desires take wings when she gets married to a handsome boy from a respectable family in Delhi. But her dreams are shattered even before they have a chance to take flight.

She happens to meet two friends from a long forgotten past, which infuses hope and opens new avenues to realize her dormant aspirations. Leela delves into previously unexplored paths of deception and forbidden passions that only make her stronger.

In an attempt to rediscover herself, she falls in love with life and with herself but her life takes a sudden turn again… No matter what, Leela will continue to chase her dreams. Where does this journey take her?

Cover and Title of the book:

The cover image has been kept realistic and makes it worthwhile for a reader. The title adds up to the curiosity as what to expect from the book.


Leela Chopra is the lead character of the story. This story is all about how she juggles between being a dreamer, aspirant RJ, a middle class girl and overall an ambitious lady. She shares her journey from being a girl to a lady; a journey from being a wife to a responsible mom and a voyage from claiming respect to snatching respect.

Leela will never leave you alone throughout the story. Sujata’s awe-inspiring writing style keeps you glued to her. I would like to congratulate and appreciate Authroess for penning down such a sensitive issue with this simplicity. In simple words THE OTHER END OF CORRIDOR can be described as – Simplicity at it’s best.

Sujata discusses the plight of an adjusting wife who loves her husband and leaves no stone unturned to make him happy. How she struggles hard to save her married life and her self respect. How her thrust for, being independent and rich demands her to be fake in front of the whole world. How social media play a vital role in making her realize her own value. How dreams of her decides to be her strength and As a result, she carves her own niche that is loveable but at the same time is vulnerable.

With every page there is a new challenge and with every word there is a feeling which lives in front of the reader. Right from the pleasure to the obscurity, it traverses a path which many have tread upon and faltered. It rolls out the finest and the nastiest out of the human psyche. The character’s contribution fills up all the necessary spaces to bind the story together. The bold approach and the complete idea work and makes it useful for the readers too.


The book has utter practicality which is certainly the USP of this wonderful tale. The description in the book by the of the author is undeniably admirable. The language, rapidity and simplicity will be surely admired and appreciated by the masses.

All in all the story out of the blue comes hard and fast and hit at the right places. The 238 page book is undoubtedly appealing. The pace varies, but the lingering effect makes it a gem of a story. It is an absolutely enthralling roller coaster of sentiments. There are no flaws and negative points are hard to point out. It inspires and coalesces, the realism and the fake version the love and the anger, the innocence and the savagery it has all and evermore to it. The book has utter practicality which is certainly the USP of this wonderful tale. The description in the book by the of the author is undeniably admirable. The language and rapidity and simplicity will be surely admired and appreciated by the masses.

The book renders the best of what one expects in a story line.

I repeat, It’s a masses story.


5 OUT OF 5

You can buy this book from: http://www.amazon.in/The-Other-Corridor-Sujata-Rajpal/dp/9350881012