She’s my hero, my angel and my Mommy!

My parents have always taught me, Spending time with your child is more important than spending money on them. Spending quality time with your child is extremely important for their development and happiness.

As a Lecturer, I come in touch with hundreds of teenagers and they told me that time spent with them doesn’t need to be elaborate or long, but it must be “quality”. We must then find ways to slow down and slip in some memorable time that will let our children know that we love and care for them.

Coming back to the topic, where I am expected to share one of the happy moments which I have shared with anyone who is close to me. Here is my take on it.

There has never been a time that has not been great with my Mom. However, if I had to choose a specific one that made an impact on my life, it would be the last month i.e. February, 2015. I got engaged on 1st February, 2015 and as I stepped into the new phase of my life, I was happy but equally nervous and stressed about it. But, the change that I have personally observed in my mother since last month is unbelievable. Our chemistry has totally changed. An equation with my mom is no longer limited to that of a mother and daughter, it had elevated to that of being friends. She is dealing with me as an equal and encouraged me to look at things in a way that would only be beneficial to me and others around. All along, she is there to guide me and support every decision I make. She in stilled in me the thought that nothing is impossible and keeping faith in God and self is the only way to happiness.

She has been the friend I turn to for advice. She has been the shoulder I cry on. The friend I give vent to. The friend I tell everything to. She is the reason I am as strong as I could be. She helped me stand a little taller. She picked me up, while never, ever putting anybody else down.

At this point, when I’m about to leave my house, my family and friends in a few weeks, I realize, there are not many people out there willing to take you in, flaws and all, and love you with no qualms. There is nothing out there that is going to provide that unconditional, non-judgmental type of love which your family and specifically your mother provides you with.

I’ve come to realize that people are not easily reliable in this world. Friends come and go, no matter how strong the bond may be. Men most certainly don’t love you the way they say they do and no one can actually keep a secret.

While friendships are wonderful and necessary, the only stable and consistent love, you will ever have in this world is from your mother. She is the only one who will always be there in the middle of the night ready to answer your call. She’s the only one who actually cares to hear about every moment of your day.

However, age brought wisdom and wisdom brought appreciation. That appreciation grew into respect, which further blossomed into friendship. As the years passed and those strong friendships I thought would sustain some type of familial archetype began to disintegrate, I realized a pivotal truth in my life: My mother has always been and always will be my best friend.

Lastly, all I know is I love her, she has been my inspiration till date and she will be my idol always, because I know I can count on her to be my biggest fan, my harshest critic, and the most loyal friend and #together we can win this world.

She’s my hero, my angel and my Mommy!

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