Life’s Precious Lesson!

It is a kind of ritual that I have been following since 5 years of visiting an orphanage every Sunday.

Being an only child of my parents I never knew what does it mean to share things. How does it feel to have a sibling? I had never experienced that contentment before that we get by sharing, knowing the fact that you’re the reason behind someone’s smile or you have been the reason by they believe in angels and miracles.

It was my Birthday before 2 years in 2013 when I turned 15. I was in high spirits to celebrate my day like any other teenage girl. Born and brought up in a family where you are treated as no less than a princess, where you have never seen the darker and cruel side of the world, you don’t understand that feeling where you are dependent on others for providing you with your basic requirements.

I was asked to wake up at midnight to cut the cake. The phone rang for more than an hour, my friends and family wished me from all around the globe. I received more than 50 whatsapp messages. Everybody asked me my plan for the day, which I obviously was not aware of.  All I knew was, It’s going to be grand like always.

It was Sunday and my whole day passed by in a blink, My phone and laptop kept me busy like never before. In the evening, I wore my birthday dress applied few strokes of makeup, chose to tug my hair in a ponytail, wore my favorite black stilettos and drove off in our Black Honda City with my parents. I expected my birthday bash to be celebrated in one of the best restaurants of the city. I didn’t even care to ask the venue as I was obliviously sure about my parents’ choice and taste.

I was stunned  and was unable to express my anger when our car stopped in some internal area of the city. It read, “Arpan Vikas Gruh.” I couldn’t believe my eyes and stood there without moving a bit.  Mommy held my hand and we walked in. I saw 10 – 15 kids from distant merely about 10- 12 years came running to us. They smiled, as they saw me coming. I was happy to see that genuine kind of smile on their face. I didn’t know who they were. I had no idea what was I doing there. Their clothes , their appearance was not like mine. They didn’t apply any kind of makeup, they wore slippers unlike me. I was gauche to see kids of my age like that but I chose to keep mum.

Before I could react, I saw a Barbie doll cake that was ordered for me. I saw some 5 waiters  bringing in all the dishes with various cuisines that were ordered for my Birthday celebration. I saw those kids, they were more happy to see all those things that were brought in only for me. My parents held my hand and made me cut my birthday cake as I blew off the candles, those kids clapped for me in high spirits. I had no idea why they were so excited about my Birthday and the celebration.

We had our dinner with them. We played music and I danced with those kids. I enjoyed being in their company. While I was returning back they altogether yelled and wished me by Birthday. One of them came forward and handed me a hand made card. One of the youngest girl from that group came forward and asked me to bend down. As I kept my ears near her lips, she whispered, Thank you for coming and making us believe in angels. Thank you for the cake. Thanks for all the yummy food. Thank you for making us realize that we are not inauspicious. People tend to call us ill-fated as we don’t have parents with us. Tears welled up my eyes and I hugged that little girl. She hugged me back, She asked to smile and wiped off my tears. I looked at my parents and thanked them silently. I then knew the reason why they brought me here. I saw a brand new side of life. I then realized how lucky I was to have all the luxuries of life, I then learnt to celebrate life, I learnt to appreciate each little thing that life has to offer me.

I went back home with a heavy heart. As I stepped inside my room, I realized I was truly happy, I was smiling and I meant it. It was indeed one of my best days of life. I didn’t go to any 5 star hotel. I didn’t receive any costlier gifts to flaunt that day, but I was happy being with those kids who were happy in my happiness. Who celebrated my Birthday with equal enthusiasm as mine. They might not be wearing branded clothes like me, they might not be living a luxurious life like mine, they might not be going to any convent school for learning. But that day, they taught me the biggest lesson I could learn in my life. I learnt to #LookUp at my life positively , I learnt to celebrate my life. I learnt to cherish the moments. I learnt to love my parents even more. Because, blessed are those kids who get such a loving family like mine. I learnt, there are people out there in the world living a happy and satisfied life with less than what all we have in your life. That day before sleeping, I promised myself to visit them often. I smiled as I recalled all that happened to me in a day. I dozed off with a smile on my face then after…

Learn to be happy for what you have today, as tomorrow you might look back and regret about losing stars in search of the moon.”

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