Start A New Life

The moment when I was told about this topic to be discussed on the blog. I was keen to share something that had been kept as my secret till date.

If we talk philosophically, we have heard, read and wrote a lot about change and its consequences that come alongwith. I would like to share one experience here that’s really close to my heart.

I always wanted to be a writer. I always wanted people to know me for my work, for my dreams, for my aspirations and for my dreams. I always thought about inspiring people through my words. I always wanted to bring a smile on people’s face through my verses.

I use to dream of becoming a next “Preeti Shenoy” of India. I read almost everything that I could. I use to write quotes whenever any issue touched the chords of my heart. Soon as I grew up, writing became my passion. I shared my dream with my parents and friends. Situations were not so easy for me once I passed in HSC. Initially, my parents supported me and never forced me to do anything without my will. But deep inside they wanted me to study engineering or any other course that had a higher scope in future. Later on, My friends too made fun of me, they laughed at how idiotic my dreams were. At times, I felt like an alien, I felt like an abnormal child that’s always loved and taken care of out of sympathy. I never wanted to live a robotic life, I never wanted to look back at my life with regrets. I wanted to live each moment of my life with my own terms and conditions. All I knew was, I was right.

My parents were dissatisfied with my dream of pursuing my graduation in literature and on the other hand, they were people around me who criticized them for spoiling me as they considered me as a spoiled brat. There was a time when,when I started losing friends as  their parents congested them to roam and play with me. I felt helpless and miserable. I used to wake up every single morning, disgusted and feel, “Oh, Shit. Another day. I can’t do this anymore.”

One day when I was going through some random blogs just then I got to read one article that was about “your will and wishes” I knew it that was meant and written for me. There was a hidden message in it that helped me to gain answers of all my queries. I finally opted for the course which I wanted to do. I went where my heart was. I unheard all those voices that screamed and laughed on my aspirations and thankfully my parents supported me in my decision.

Today, I have not only completed my graduation, but  I have also cleared my post graduation in literature with a Gold Medal under my belt. My parents are not only happy, but they are proud of me and my decision of listening to my heart and accomplishing my dream of becoming a writer. I have written more than 50 poems and 30 short stories,. I still remember those days and smile, when I use to jumble between my aspirations and my parents’ expectations. I’m glad I chose my happiness over anything and everything. At least, I am able to sleep peacefully, smile easily, love and respect my parents a bit more than yesterday and I can live my life serenely.

I still wonder, what would I have done with my life if I had chosen to listen to people rather than my heart?

What I’m trying to tell you is you might not get the outcome instantly, people will oppose you and your dreams and you might not get the kind of support you’re looking for but if you have the courage to follow your belief in yourself, then I hope and expect that you will definitely find a way with love, respect and trust in it. None of us know the future, but yours is now in your hands. #StartANewLife today  Wake up every morning and pretend like what you do makes a difference.  It does.

God Bless us all.

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