I’m a foodie and I’m glad to admit it!

I’m a foodie and I’m glad to admit it. Being a pure Gujarati girl, I really don’t mind calling myself a Foodie.

Life has always got some or the other thing to offer you! You need to admit it. It was a normal day for me as when I was returning back from my office. Realizing it was Friday it almost killed me as it was a weekend again and I haven’t made any friends  in my society yet. Just when I was about to unlock my main door, cursing myself for choosing this job and shifting to a new city, someone called me and I turned around to see who it was.

Huge smile appeared on my face as I saw my neighbor Mrs. Guptaji walking towards me. She was carrying blue paper bag in her neatly manicured hands which carried Kellogg’s and some fresh fruits. After a bit of conversation she asked me to join her for breakfast on the very next day. Only I know, how badly I have been missing my mum’s food. Being new to the society I badly needed a company there was no chance of denying their invitation. Before I could reply she shared some of the interesting recipes she could cook from Kellogg’s. And I was stunned to even think of these many dishes that can be made by kelloggs. Being new in the locality has definitely got some pros, I thought and grinned as she left.

I was damn excited to visit her and meet a new family. They surely looked like a happy family. Truly, all I could do was dream all night about all the mouth watering recipes that were especially made by Kellogg’s which is no doubt a great combination of taste and health.

On the very next day as I went to their place they greeted me lovingly.  They made me sit and we gossiped for a while. They asked me about me, my family, my job, etc. Guptaji’s son looked adorably cute *WINK* and I was happy to finally have a friend in him.

Soon then after, everyone shifted to the dinning  table. I woke up and went in to help Mrs. Gupta in the kitchen,  she had made cheesed potato crisps, kellogg corn flake cookies and cherry winks. I loved those dishes by its appearance. I loved the way  Guptaji’s family treated me. I was taken care of like a child. Yes, I missed my family at that moment. My mom’s yummy food that aura of my home and list is quite big to mention it here.  I loved all the dishes that were served to me. We all had our breakfast together.

While returning back, I asked her for a favour, I told her to let me know how she made those cookies. She made me write the whole recipe and I returned back home with my tummy and heart filled with yummy food and love. Honestly, I am blessed to have such a lovely family as my neighbor specifically when I live all alone miles away from my family.

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and https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.


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