Book Review: Are You Magic or Am I a Trick? by Arpita Chipkar

Book Review: Are You Magic or Am I a Trick?

Publisher: Authors Press (2015)

Language: English

“Writers are called as creators, because they know this art of portraying their imagination into words.”

Here, in this novel Are You Magic or Am I a Trick? Arpita Chipkar, a young authoress has tried to portray an imaginative character named as Mihir Rajput. Mihir Rajput is one of the main characters of the book an imaginative character in Tanya’s life, who appears in front of her out of the blue.

Talking about the chapters, Initial chapters were not impressive as much as I expected them to be, I had very high expectations from Miss. Chipkar but the start and initial description of incidents didn’t impress me much. I felt like  But than, the story was crafted wonderfully along with the Desi tadka of tragic drama, romance and I would say, I enjoyed being a part of Tanya’s love journey. 

Tanya Bhosle is the lead character of the story in, Are You Magic or Am I a Trick? and what’s interesting is she’s is a writer too. Tanya’s character is just a like a fresh flower with fresh dew drops on it, I loved her character in the story.

The story of Tanya is been crafted wonderfully in mere 173 pages and not to forget, the language of the author and the detailing she has provided while narrating the incidents will make you fall you in love with this book. The characterization of each and every individual has been done in a very captivating way, such that neither the readers are confused, nor bored. I would give 4 out of 5 for her narration in Are You Magic or Am I a Trick.

But then when we think of this book on practical grounds, this story is disappointing. If you’re an vicarious reader and wish to read something that has nothing to do with fairy tale and imagination this book is not for you. But if you’re a kind of person who would like to believe in magical tricks and perfect drama including passionate love this book is something you shouldn’t miss.

Positive points:

1) characterization

2) Description

3) Detailing of the incidents and characters

Negative Points:

1) Story line


Thus, taking all points in consideration, there’s no denying to the fact that Arpita, as a debutant has done an incredible task of penning down a story that has spice, romance, passion, drama, dreams, reality and with all the essential ingredients it surely deserves to be tagged as a Masaledar Tadka, with all Arpita seems to be an promising author. I’m sure she’s here to stay here for long, she’s going to create magic in her upcoming projects with her story telling skill. Though, this book didn’t live up to my expectations, I’m keen to read more from Arpita because of her brilliant narration skill.

I would give this book at 3.5 stars out of 5 for the effort put in.

Good Luck for your future endeavors, Arpita!

P,s. I received the copy of Are you Magic or Am I a trick? from author in exchange for honest review.


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