BOOK REVIEW: Just Six Evenings by Tanmay Dubey

Title of the book – Just Six Evenings

Author – Tanmay Dubey

Publisher: Rupa Publication


Blurb of the book:

What if the course of your life, and your love, is determined by just six evenings?

Atul Shukla, a young, successful executive, has been arrested by the Gurgaon police. As he attempts to find some comfort in the dark confines of his cell, Atul revisits his life and the six evenings that changed its course.

Eight years ago, while working in Bhopal, Atul had met the beautiful and intelligent Priya on a train, DDLJ style. When it turned out that she was in his city for only six days, he decided to woo her in that fleeting period of time. But fate had other plans in store, and Atul and Priya were torn apart by lust and betrayal, seemingly forever.

Years later, Atul and Priya meet once again for six days, while they are both navigating the murky underbelly of the modern corporate world. And this time it’s not just their love at stake, but their careers, and their future as well. Will Atul and Priya manage to give love a second chance? Or will corporate greed destroy their chance for a happy ending?

Just Six Evenings is a modern-day tale of love, lust and ambition in a corporate India that shines at the expense of the dreams it tramples under its feet.
Author’s Bio Sketch:

An IT professional based in Gurgaon, Tanmay Dubey is a voracious reader and an avid storyteller. In a career spanning more than ten years, he has been fascinated by several aspects of the corporate world and this book is a result of those observations.When not busy spinning a yarn, Tanmay can be found reviewing latest Bollywood films on his popular Facebook page ‘Tanmay’s Movie Adda’. He is also an enthusiastic cyclist, a randonneur, and loves running marathons.

My Review:

Just six evenings is a story of a salesman. In this tale, author has tried to show different aspects of his life including his Career, aspirations, love life, friendship, ethics, and spiritual philosophy of the Guruji etc.

5 out of 5 for cover of the book and Title of the book.

The story begins with Atul getting into police custody and then the story takes a U turn while it carries you into the past where the whole mystery is been solved. End of the story is the best part of the book. Author gave the best ending to this tale, nothing more and nothing less was needed to make it perfect.  I would appreciate Author for the brilliant plotting. The writing style that is simple yet gripping.

Positive Points

1) Much needed Twists and turns to keep the reader glued to the book.

2) The story is very simple and the flow is apt.

3) Story of Just Six evenings is not only on a love story it had different flavors in it like spirituality, ambitions, love & lust, corporate lifestyle being ethics and unethical, which made my read completely enjoyable.

4) Characterization in the book is something that you would love while reading this tale. Each character ( Atul, Priya, Lovely Chadha, Guruji, Kodaji) is been given proper importance, with pompous detailing in the book regarding incidents you’ll be able to feel the story through author’s words.

Negative Points:

Copious grammatical and spelling errors were found while going through the story and those errors needs to get rectified in the next edition.

Technical terminology about marketing/salesmanship was something that I wished I could skip while reading the tale.


Just Six Evenings is one such book which you would like to re read and dive into it, plot of the story is brilliant. Characters of the story lead and supporting both are portrayed wonderfully that clearly depict author’s hard work and dedication.

What makes just six evenings stands out is the sensible approach that the author took in characterizing Atul’s life, his struggles, Guruji’s Gyaan etc.

I really wish the author consider the remarks that he gets for this book so that the corrections can be done in the upcoming editions.

Rating: 4/5



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