Book Review: First Job and Ten Mistakes by Uttam Kumar

Title: First Job and Ten Mistakes

Author: Uttam Kumar

Publisher: Author’s Ink Publications

About the Author: Uttam Kumar has a Masters degree in Mathematics. He has had a liking for writing since he was in 9th standard but “First Job and Ten Mistakes” is his first published work. His upcoming books include “The Moment of Truth” and “Recruitment Hijacked”.

He can be contacted at:

Twitter: @AuthorKumar

Facebook: www.facebook/AuthorUttam

My Review:

No No No! This is not a common chic lit kind of a book which you have been reading and viewing everywhere around in the market. This book can be tagged as a Self Help Book which consist various kind of theories which will be providing great help not only to the new comers in the market for seeking job, but will also be helpful in guiding experienced people too.

As a reviewer, at times we are ought to read 400 pages for completing a single book but this book is only having 44 pages in it. While I got so much to learn from it. Interestingly, every chapter captivated my attention bit by bit and how the book ended, I never knew.

Positive Points:

Self help books are always boring, this book is an exception. 1st job and 10 mistakes isn’t like the other books on this topic which include massive description about a particular topic and that would do nothing great but confuse you at the end.

I liked the title of the book. Straight forward and catchy it is!

Language used by the author is interesting too! I’m sure a reader won’t have to struggle much to understand what the author has written.

Negative Points:

Cover of the book could have been designed properly. No matter what, Cover of the book is the first impression of the book.


Interesting title to start with. After reading the name, I didn’t know what to expect from the book. The best part in the book was, SpEaR and ESS theory. This book has been written after doing the proper study on the particular topics and hence I’m sure this book is going to do well in market. while reading this book you’ll surely feel like planning things and applying those plans in your life.

I recommend this book to you if you want to read something useful and inspiring. A great book to travel with. I’m sure it will help you to juggle your mind and its thoughts.

My best wishes to author for this future endeavors. Kudos for this amazing book. Hope the author comes with more such books!
Rating : 4/5


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