Book Review -He fixed the match She fixed him By – Shikha Kumar

Author: Shikha Kumar
Pages: 284
Publisher: Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Blurb of the book:

Shreya – I’m a highly qualified Delhi girl earning an enviable salary. My parents are having a tough time finding a suitable groom for me. However, recently they have a proposal from this very interesting guy from Mumbai. I almost get mesmerised when he starts talking to me. I think I like him very much.

Kunal – I’m owner of a textile company in Mumbai. My mom wants me to get married. Again. She has recently suggested a suitable girl from Delhi. What my mom doesn’t know is that I’ve already met Shreya before once in my life and I’ve been looking for her ever since. I have a vendetta to settle.

The author takes you along on a journey via roads of revenge, agony, remorse, attraction, titillation, tantalization and romance. Do Shreya and Kunal make it, or do they fall prey to their past?

Characters of the book: 

Kunal, Vineet, Shreya, Anuradha, Madhav, Gurdip, Ridhima,Rohan, Sandhya, Mahesh, Aastha, Saloni.

About the Characters:

Each character is precisely portrayed by author. Proper detailing is much like cherry on the cake, such minute detailing is  something that can make you feel connected to the story. Kunal and Shreya are the lead characters. Vineet plays a vital role in a story as Kunal’s cousin. Anuradha – character I loved the most.

Madhav and Sandhya are Shreya’s parents. Madhav and Aastha plays a role of Shreya’s Brother and Sister in law respectively.

My Review: 

Author has crafted a brilliant story in merely 284 pages. A story that will make you think about the hardships that an Indian girl has to face before and after marriage. Both good and bad side of arrange marriage is depicted clearly in the story.

There were many other points that author tried to highlight like:

  1. Couples are made in Heaven
  2. Marriage is all about destiny
  3. Love is never planned – it happens with most unexpected people at the most unexpected time.
  4. Friends and family are forever.

Talking about the positive points of the book:

I adored the language used by the author. Language is something that can keep you hooked up with a book. Language used by the author is simple yet impressive.

Editing is something that is usually not given importance or treated as a priority by Indian authors. Here is the book that can change your perception. No such editing errors were found in the book. That will make your reading journey a soothing one.

Characterization: When so many characters are involved in a story, it becomes a tough job to prioritize their roles in a story and to do justice with each of them. Author Shikha has won my heart in this process. Each Character is defined and used in a way that this story might feel incomplete if any of these characters are deleted. Anuradha’s character is my personal favourite. I truly adore her role in the story. The way Madhav and Sandhya gets restless for finding Suitable match for their darling daughter will make you feel like its your own house story. The way Madhav and Asthaa support, motivate and protect their darling sister is something that you will love to read. Author has also shown the darker side of the society by revealing the fact that despite of being educated, mature and broad minded people are not open and acceptable towards broken marriage and engagements.

Story Line of the book is entertaining too. Each reader asks for thrill, drama, romance, struggle and many such emotions while reading a book. Author is indeed successful in winning my heart through story line. From Tragedy to suspense, from friendship to love, from hatred to care, each emotion that was needed to create an impact on author’s mind is added by author in a brilliant manner.

The only negative point which I personally felt was not justifiable, Shreya who is such a mature, educated and ambitious girl meets a Guy for once in a coffee shop and agrees to get married with him. This thing is nowhere possible practically.


A book that you can surely pick up while going on a long journey. A book that will surely connect you in some or the other way, a book that I will cherish for the long long time simply because I truly loved the way Kunal falls in love with Shreya not for her looks and money, not for her education or not for her earning capacity but for the qualities she had. Shreya is a character that won my heart and is surely going to stay in my mind for long long time. Each newly wedded bride desires to get a friend and a supporter like Vineet.

Cover of the book is indeed cute. Blurb of the book makes you feel like there’s nothing more exciting in the book but once  you start reading a story, you will be forced to turn pages without taking a break. I bet!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book written by shikha.
Take a bow lady! Keep Writing!

My rating: 4 out of 5


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