Book Review: I will not regret losing you by Abhishek Agrawal

Author: Abhishek Agrawal

Publisher: Red Ink Publications

No of pages: 207

Blurb of the Book:

Aratya, a guy next door comes from the land of dreams, Kota. His strong and righteous moral character made him unique from other teenagers of his age. But he does a mistake and falls in love with Rithima who reciprocates as well.

It seems that life has become beautiful for them, but then life does not always go by our plans. And the two lovers get separated.

But, life has to move on, so Aratya tries to overcome his feelings by finding solace in friendship. Gaurav and Rohit become his best friends. He willingly takes every possible risk to help his friends in their time of distress. He had once read that friendship is a ship which never drowns. But life isn’t a fiction.

Meanwhile he met Riyankaa online and started liking her as a friend. Though, he was infatuated, the feeling of love was not on his mind. But, Riyankaa had her heart set on him. She proposes to him but he rejects. Later one day he gets to know that Riyankaa has met with a car accident near Hubli.

He is shocked to know this, wishes to search truths about Riyankaa and her accident and asks his friends to help.

Will his friends help him?

Will he be able to find Riyankaa?

Will he be able to regain his lost trust ever?

To know read,” I will not regret losing you.”

The true saga of the dark and complex cobwebs of relationships in today’s fake and treacherous world.

“Sometimes helping the wrong people makes you lose trust on yourself.”

My Review:

I will not regret losing you is a story of a Guy from Kota, Rajasthan. His name is Aratya. This story talks about love, betrayal, misunderstandings, friendship, selfish motives and destiny.

Talking about the first impression of the book, I was really excited to read it as it is published under the banner of Red Ink Publishers, one of the fastest growing publication houses of India. Secondly, I was thrilled and had high hopes from the book because foreword of the book is written is none other than Sudeep Nagarkar – one of the best writers of India.

Talking about the cover the book – I loved it for the simplicity it possess. Side cover of the book had a spelling error too. Which needs to be taken care of.As per my habit of judging a book by its blurb,I read the blurb and trust me,I was still excited to dive in with Aratya in his journey.

Sadly, When I reached half way,I realized I was not able to connect with the story. I couldn’t understand the plot and moreover the incidents sounded impractical to me.

I don’t deny to the fact that author has worked hard to create this plot an interesting one,but somehow he failed to do so.Moreover, innumerable spelling errors, grammatical errors and punctuation errors were found that is one of the reason why this book let me down. Proper proofreading is the solution to this problem. Which can be solved in next edition.

I couldn’t connect to this story much,because so many characters were playing their different roles at same time. As a reader, I got confused with few of them. This story talked more about Gaurav’s and Rohit’s life than Aratya’s life. Rewriting few chapters of the book will do wonders, I guess.

This story would have been much more better if this story had Ridhima’s, Akash’s or Riyanka’s part more in it. Somehow I felt, few characters were unreasonably added like – Bijli (Abhinav), Utkarsh, Arvinder, Zoya etc.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t like the story much but the climax steeled the show. I loved the end. Last chapter and the epilogue is the best part of the book.


This book can’t be tagged as the best, but it doesn’t deserve to be called as worst. Author’s imagination could be seen through his work. The only thing that didn’t work here is his narration. Proper editing, proof reading and re writing could have made this book a wonderful piece of art.

If you can ignore grammatical errors while reading and it doesn’t affect your mood, you can surely pick this book. This book has several emotions entangled which will make you ponder over your thoughts. Few of them like, mother’s care, Parent’s trust, betrayal of your loved ones etc.

This story teaches you some important lessons like:

  1. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. One must learn to move on.
  2. No matter how good you are, people around you are going to treat you according to their needs and convenience.
  3. No matter what, nobody can love you more than your parents.
  4. Don’t ever regret losing them when they didn’t care about your emotions and feelings. If they hurt you intentionally, please note they never deserved you in first place.

About the Author:

Abhishek Agarwal is among the new generations of authors who has created his mark as a writer even before completing his first book. Born in the city of dreams, Kota, Abhishek completed his schooling from Saint Paul school, Kota. Since the beginning of his life, he had a keen interest in writing and reading. Other than being a prolific writer, Abhishek is an anchor and has anchored in a number of book launches, including the likes of Sudeep Nagarkar and Durjoy Datta. At present, he is pursuing his management degree from Kota University and aims to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the nation.
He strongly believe in human values and his debut novel “I will not regret loosing you” is a glimpse of his effort to serve the mankind.

Ratings: 3 out of 5


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