Book Review: The Last Surge by Pramit Sarkar

 The Last Surge 

Pages: 202

Publisher: Gargi Publishers

Genre : Fiction

Blurb of the book says,

“…the day we face each other, she will be sorry; sorry for rendering me emotionally impotent. And that will be my victory.” Their blazing courtship was nearing marriage, before fate played its vicious card. Rimi dumped Gabriel and married the choice of her family but Gabriel decided to remain single. Why did Rimi take such a drastic decision? How did Gabriel keep up his single hood? Did they meet again or did fate succeed in keeping them apart? How does Sneha fit into the picture? Crafted with the characteristic flavors of Bengal, THE LAST SURGE brings you the tale of an ace football player turned relationship counselor and what made this protagonist a great brother, a greater father and an even greater romantic.

Characters in the story:

Gabriel, Rimi, Sneha, Sayantika, Tanima, Torun, Sudhanshu, Mrinalini,Melyssa, Kriti, Kartik,  etc

Review of the book:

I’m extremely elated to post the review of this wonderful book. On a boring Sunday, when you have nothing good to do, book like this can literally cheer you your mood. It is the love story set up at Kolkata. The lead characters of the story are Gabriel Hopkins and Rimi Chakraborty. The best thing of the book is the story never got boring.

Being a reviewer, often I get to read love stories and more often it happens that I get bore reading almost the same kind of stuff, but The Last Surge is a book which kept me engrossed till the end with the brilliant plot and mesmerizing story telling skills were like cheery on the cake.

Cover and title of the book get full marks. Narration done by the writer is something that I loved the most. As I always say, the toughest task for the author while writing is to make people feel their words. Pramit Sarkar, you have done a Fab job. I could feel your lexis. I felt the pain while Gabriel was left aloof by his lover Rimi. I have never been to Kolkata, but the description and the detailing is done so wonderfully that I could imagine the scenes in front of my eyes while reading the story.

Playing with words using right grammar and metaphors is not at all an easy task. Pramit Sarkar has done an appreciable job here too. No such editing errors were found in the book and that made my reading journey a soothing one. Kudos to the editor of the book.

characters were very well built. Writing with patience is all we need to make a book worth readable. Yes, Pramit your patience could be felt while reading about the characters and other minute details which you provided wherever needed shows that you’re a mature writer.

The end of the story was unexpected. I loved it. Though, I somewhere felt writer was in rush while ending the story but the end of the story can be rewritten in the other editions of the book.


I loved the way author has crafted Gabriel’s character. I loved sneha’s role in the story, how she gets to know about his father’s past and the way she tries to bring back Rimi in his father’s life. I loved the story line. I repeat, this story never got boring. I loved the language used by the author too. Emotions and feelings are not at all easy to describe but the way author has described pain, aloofness, mad in love, care etc is truly appreciable.

Negative points of this story are, The ending made me feel incomplete. I wanted author to dig up more before ending this tale and too many characters in the story were used which made the story bit complex. I forgot few characters while going through the story. Nevertheless, The last Surge is an enjoyable read.

Recommended to you, if you are looking for an engaging story while travelling.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5  

About the author:

An alumnus of IIT Bhubaneswar, Pramit has previously served a Navaratna company before following his passion for story-telling. Besides being an ardent follower of cricket, he takes just as much interest in cooking as he does in case of books.
Presently he covers wedding stories as a freelance writer, along with the preparations for his next novel. One may write to him at or visit his website



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