Book Review: Diabolical by Supriya Parulekar

Title: Diabolical

Author: Supriya Parulekar

Publisher: Gargi Publishers

ISBN: 9789384382094

Blurb of the book says,

Lost and alone, Sonya fought with the demons that haunted her, threatening to rip her apart! “They want me dead…” Sonya mumbled as fear took hold of her. Being a superstar in Bollywood provided no solace to the gorgeous Sonya Rana and there was no running away from the fear that she experienced every waking moment. Jay tried to soothe her frayed nerves with his love but she chose to shut herself from the world. All she wanted was to leave her dark past behind, somehow.

“Let me go… please,” Sonya pleaded to Tania, her step-sister who fiercely loved and protected her. Sonya knew the bitter truth. In the end, either one will survive; she or the demons raging within her, and if the demons won, it would spell an end for Sonya. When one’s soul takes a beating, all hope is lost and everything is over in a single heartbeat. The ‘Diabolical’ had manifested itself within the gorgeous Sonya, killing the hope of a chance at a beautiful life she could have had. Read this book to unravel the dark games our mind plays with us. Experience a tumultuous ride of emotions as Sonya’s past catches up with her sending her life spiraling down.


This book titled, Diabolical is a story of a superstar – Sonya Rana. A triumphant Bollywood celebrity hitting on the highest point of her profession.

What people perceive about you is not always the truth is very well explained here in the story. The same is applicable in Sonya’s life. For others Sonya has a perfect life, perfect family, perfect carrier, but deep inside her head, she had her own demons to fight with. Loneliness is one of the worst feelings. Agree? This story explains the same thing, even though being encircled by her relatives;  Sonya Rana feels all alone.  She’s having a sister cum best friend in her life as Tania. Who cares for her more than her life.  I simply loved the characterization of Tania. Sonia has a loving, caring and understanding partner too, but they say few things are not meant to be with you forever.

Here in the story many emotions are being portrayed by the author, Fear, selfless love, jealousy, abuse, negligence, Loneliness, etc. This story had many facets and author managed to wonderfully craft them all. In the story, Sonya is struggling to get rid of the worst rival, the devils inside her brains. Each and everyone who’ll pick up this book would say at least once; Yes, I have been there. Yes, I know how it feels.

I could easily connect with this story as a reader, because the language used by the author is uncomplicated and smooth, the vocabulary is not at all knotty and it was an overall pleasant read for me. The story had enough twists and turns to keep me obsessed for knowing more. This tale was successful in creating curiosity in the mind till the last page of the book.

There are some editorial mistakes, for which I will not blame the author. I want to appeal to all the publishers out here, please take care of editorial mistakes.

Overall, nice attempt. Author hence proves to be a versatile writer by penning down something like Diabolical.

If you consider my point of view before picking up a book, I would say, diabolical is a book which shouldn’t be missed. Go for it. It is different than others. A book that can help you to introspect, a book that can create a storm of thoughts in your head.

Ratings: 4 out of 5


Supriya Parulekar is a published author with four books in her kitty and has written a story, a screenplay and dialogues for two movie projects that are under consideration at present. She has also worked as a script editor for TV18 and History Channel. She was a columnist for ‘YUVA’, a magazine for the youth. Her passions include reading, writing and travelling to new places in search of inspirations.

Supriya’s debut novel ‘A Soulful of Lie’, a supernatural thriller, was very much appreciated by Lat Gautam Rajadhyaksha, a well-renowned celebrity photographer. ‘DReamcatcher’ belongs to the romance genre and it was a huge success in a couple of days since its launch. The third, ‘The Gangster’s Muse’ is a thriller and is available online and in stores. Recently, ‘BFF: Best Friends Forever’ was released and it did quite well in the ‘Teen fiction’ category.

Supriya compose poems too when she is not working on her books or reading.

She can be connected at:


Facebook: /supriya.r.parulekar and /parulekarsupriya


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