Book Review – Singing Soul by Shalini Samuel

Title: Singing Soul
Author: Shalini Samuel
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Omji Publishing House

About the poet:

Shalini Samuel, author of Singing Soul comes from India’s southern tip. She started her writing journey as a blogger. Poetry was her unfulfilled dream then.She explored poetry and slowly started learning the nuances of it. Apart from writing she also works as freelance editor. Her poems have been published in various online and print magazines and anthologies. She has edited few novels. She says,

All light beams cast shadow
All green leaf withers someday
But hope never dies
With the hope of charming your hearts
My pen moves on…

About the book:

The book you’re holding is a garland of well crafted evocative poems, sensibly handpicked Each soul visiting the planet earth goes through unique experiences and discovers the worldly life with its myriad hues. Our thoughts, society and Mother Nature all play varied roles in offering the glimpses of classy life and cosmic melodrama. From that dramatic Platform singing soul exquisitely picks vivacious moments for you. All the poems are profound in thought and worded in thought provoking styles.

My Review:

I have been into this field since 2012 and this is my first ever experience of reviewing a poetry book.Trust me, I’m extremely thrilled to review Singing soul. I believe, Writing a poem needs much more dedication as compare to writing a prose. Describing something in mere 10 lines in never a easy task. First of all, Congratulations Shalini for coming up with Singing soul.

As I always say, no matter what, cover is a heart of the book. Consciously or subconsciously reader will judge your book from its cover. I would like to give 3 out of 5 for the cover of Singing Soul.

Singing soul has in total 76 poems scribbled on various genres by Shalini. She has done a brilliant job indeed. I loved the way she has inscribed her thoughts.The moment I started reading, I certainly knew that I was to enjoy this book to the core. I fell in love with shalini’s writing style. The language used by shalini is effortless, rhythmic and soothing. I would like to appreciate her for using simple words while penning down these poems which will help her to reach to masses.

I could connect myself while reading her work easily and I’m sure many readers would agree with me on this point.

What I loved about this poetry book is, it contains various genres that will again be appreciated by the readers for sure. By scribbling her thoughts on various genres like love, nature, Patriotism, childhood etc she has successfully marked her name in the list of versatile poets.

Some editing errors could be seen while reading the book,but I’m sure that can be rectified in the next edition.

For all the poetry lovers out there, You shouldn’t miss singing soul.  I recommend this book to you if you love to read poetry. This collection is worth reading.

My Personal favorite poems are:

1) Lovingly I hate you

2) Unheard Sufferings

3) Stranger

4) Lessons from Life

5) My Lover

6) will dreams come true?

7) Who to Blame

8) Daughter’s tears

9) Self Realization

10) Romantic Rain

Thank you so much Shalini for sending me your book. I thoroughly enjoyed this journey of Singing Soul. I wish you all heaven’s luck for future endeavors.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Poem – My angel!

I thought that my angel, 

would be sent for just me, 

but to watch over all, 

was how it must be. 

I cribbed his life, 

with a deep, tender love, 

but there comes a time, 

when you must lose that dove. 

One day he left without a kiss, 

leaving my heart broken and ache, 

I thought he finally returned, 

But it was a monk at my door.

I saw my angel into flames,

I sit alone and often blame,

that one day you left me, 

and didn’t say good-bye.

– Nehali Lalwani

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