Chit Chat Session With Rohit Gupta

Introduction- Rohit Gupta:

He is an Indian entertainer, comedy artist and a performer. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He attended St. Francis High School in Mumbai. After his completion of masters in Business administration he started working as a chemicals’ manufacturer, Rohit started his career with Facebook videos in 2016.

Rohit has a significant fan following in India and Pakistan across social media platforms.

Let’s get ‘Thoda Personal’

  1. Describe yourself in few words.

It took me approximately 30 years to become Rohit Gupta!  It’s a tough task but then I feel some words that can aptly describe me would be:

  • Fighter by mind
  • Humorous and passionately funny
  • Emotional and intensely Romantic by heart

2. In how many languages you can communicate?

I can communicate in several languages. I’m BEST with certain accents and that includes: Arabic, Hindi, English, Sindhi, Marathi, Punjabi and Gujarati

3. How many actors you can mimic?

Shahrukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Jackie Shroff, Sanjeev Kumar. Even I can talk/mimic as an African, South Indian, Bihari, Nepali, Chinese and I know a lot of other accents too.

  1. Who do you most admire in life? Name 3 people you admire.  
  • My Role Model – my father.
  • Bollywood Badshah King Khan Mr. Shahrukh Khan,
  • International Celebrity Mr. Russel Peters
  1. What do you do when not working?

I watch a lot of web series, moreover I watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies, I love to go on long drives and I also read self-help books on my kindle.

  1. What’s on your bucket list this year

I have lots of hopes with 2017. This year I want to do some serious acting in web series maybe, I’m looking forward to it.

  1. Tell us something about your favorite book, magazine or comic.

Basically, 2 books made tremendous change in my life, the first one is: The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy (one of my all time favorite) as it helped me in being more positive with life and removed my phobia & fear from life.

One must read, Easy way to stop smoking by Allan Carr for some obvious reasons. I was a chain smoker and this book truly helped me to quit smoking with a single side effect.

  1. What changed in your life when you became famous?

My life has totally changed upside down. I am no more a rich daddy’s kid now. Today I know that, I attract and entertain people with my humor and its amazing to be loved my so many fans. I am more confident and secure about myself.

  1. What is the biggest audience you have performed in front of?

Rohit_GuptaI haven’t faced crowd personally as I’m not much into stage performances but number of views, comments and likes on my videos says it all

10. What is the weirdest call that you have made?

Once a girl called and asked me to have phone sex with her in Shahrukh khan’s voice and believe it or not, thinking back about it I find it to be a weirdest call that I have ever been through.

  1. What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?

To be precise, every approach of my viewers and followers add humour to my life. I haven’t really felt anything weird till now.

Thodi si Philosophy to banti hai…

  1. Define success

Success is where my dreams come true with lots of fame, heaps of good health and wealth which I can share with my beloved family.

  1. What Is “Home” To You?

Home is where you feel like ending up your day.

  1. What feels like “love” to you?

Love for me is when two different individuals are effortlessly comfortable in making each other happy regardless of time, situation and place.

Rapid Fire…. Here it goes:

  1. What was your first job?

Assistant of the actor Poonam Dhillon in which I was fired on the first day itself.

  1. What did you want to be when you were 5 years old?

As a Kid, I always wanted to own a car showroom.

  1. Would you ever date a fan?

I cannot be with a girl if she is not a fan of my work. I would only date someone who actually likes what I do.

  1. If you could eat only 3 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Chicken Royale (Burger King), fried rice and some sauce, London dairy Ice cream

  1. What is your favorite movie quote?

“I have a weak heart but a strong mind” from the movie Awake.

  1. What Are You Most Grateful For?

To have a father like I have, he has given me everything I wanted.

Just to know your bit of secrets…

  1. What single event has had the biggest impact on who you are today?

Betrayal of my close ones including my girl friend has made me a stronger person. Now, I no longer seek or demand support of anyone and would say that, I have achieved my dreams being alone, I am indeed thankful to all those who gave me a chance to do so!

  1. Who influenced you the most in life and why?

I am thoroughly inspired by the journey of Shahrukh khan who molded himself from nobody to a self-made man and is ruling Bollywood industry with his charm and wittiness since a decade.

  1. If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?

I own the most prized possession of my life that’s my DAD and I don’t expect anything more than that for my life.

  1. If you could change one law of your country, what would it be?

I personally hate violence and being into physical fights that can endanger someone’s life. I wish to have strict laws against those committing such crimes.

  1. How has stardom changed you?15319190_561528847384124_889459579461430491_n

Stardom has never affected me and I shall never let it happen as I believe in what I am because of my work.

  1. If money were no concern, what would you do for the rest your life.

Money was never a matter of concern for me. Only thing that matters is my passion towards making others smile.

  1. What is the toughest part of being a celebrity?

I’m not a celebrity; you’re just too generous to consider me one.

  1. What is your dream Project? 

“Yash Raj presents Rohit Gupta”

Any Message for your fans and followers who are reading this Interview

Thank you, for making me who I am today. I felt worthless before, I thank you all for all the appreciation and encouragement which you pour in through your comments and reviews on my page.

My parents are proud of me, because of all the love you have showered upon me. I had given up on hopes from my life but my fans and viewers got it all back in me.

I love you all.